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Preparing for a Destination Wedding in Uncertain Times

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

This last few months have been really tough on so many industries. Travel has been cancelled, many countries are currently in lockdown. No one really knows how long this pandemic will last. Couples who were booking for 2020 weddings have had to either cancel or postpone to 2021. As planners, our businesses have taken a huge knock, and we are all trying to navigate these times cautiously, making sure our clients get the best possible outcome, while also having to protect our livelihoods and those of the staff and vendors we support. For this reason, most of the Bali venues and vendors have taken on the policy that they are happy to postpone events to a new date within the next 12 months, with no additional cost (for venues, this would mean booking in the same season to secure the same rate, or paying a surcharge if booked in a higher season). Some venues will only do the date change if your event is within the next 90 days, so we still have a lot of clients waiting to see what happens later this year before they can make the call.

If you have booked your wedding for 2020 and it is coming up in the next 3 - 6 months, I would recommend you chat to your planner if you have one, and see what your options are to move the event to next year. To be safe I would say anytime from April next year . I wouldn't panic and cancel quite yet as this may leave you loosing deposits. Postponing is reasonable and you are unlikely to incur any costs doing this. Also think of the vendors who would be so grateful to keep your business when things are up and running again. My advice would be to just get all of your info together , then make an informed decisions from there.

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